All of us are mad. If it weren't for the fact every one of us is slightly abnormal, there wouldn't be any point in giving each person a separate name.
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 Now Is The Only Thing That's Real

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PostSubject: Now Is The Only Thing That's Real   Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:22 pm

they're sneakin' everywhere... they're sneaking thru twilights last gleaming
they're sneaking thru crystal time abrupt and hard like a goddamn nail in the Cross
they're sneaking to our ears thru symbols and words symbols and words
put there to roam to calm the nerves to, to open locked doors with ease
they're sneaking between the pages of books written universal erotic
they... they're sneaking... they're sneaking around the rules now
they're sneaking around their own rules now
they're rewriting the history books with their blood words
their pain words their facts about facts with no death
it's all clean and antiseptic and clinical right down to the last word
the end word, the final word
they're sneaking past the guards at the gates of Death
they're sneaking secrets from the grave of Geronimo
and inscribing words in Latin at the base of his skull for God

My God!
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Now Is The Only Thing That's Real
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